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Hot air ballooning, the principle of aerostation

The principle of aerostation consists in heating up the air contained inside the balloon with a burner until it becomes lighter than the air outside the balloon. Once the adequate temperature has been reached, the balloon can take off. During the flight, the pilot will increase or lower the temperature depending on whether he wants the balloon to move up or down.
The balloon moves exclusively thanks to the different air currents used by the pilot while steering. Therefore, you always know where you will take off from, but knowing where you will land is a lot more unpredictable: therein lies the charm of each ride in the sky!

Location: Dordogne-Périgord

You will fly above the most remarkable landscapes of the region... A rich and manifold natural environment where classified sites, castles and some of the most beautiful villages of France follow one another along the river Dordogne.

Flights schedule

Flights are scheduled at sunrise or shortly before sunset, when the winds are calm and the conditions are the best for ballooning. In the winter, it is possible to fly during the day because the sun is low in the sky and consequently the surface of the Earth does not receive enough heat to create wind turbulence.

Your pilot

From a very young age, I became fond of nature and of the landscapes of Black Périgord which became my playground. Canoeing, caving, climbing, mountain biking, orienteering, paragliding, river diving: being involved in all these activities naturally lead me to share them with other people in a touristic or sporting context. I am a qualified teacher of canoeing, river guiding,
two-seater paragliding and ballooning. I can offer you a bit more than a mere balloon flight and I will be delighted to share a few tips for you to enjoy your stay in Black Périgord.